Tapodi Ildikó hairdresser

Tapodi Ildikó hairdresser

Fast-paced lives, which infest the stress of work and a host of challenges, everyone wants a bit of relaxation and luxury. We now offer you a little extra for the hair!
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Atomic Barber provides our guests a full-service hair drying, hair cutting, hair coloring, coloring, highlights, perm, / alkalmi- and wedding preparation konytok.
A good hair, half the battle in life!
Hair styling is designed to provide you with our ideas and our expertise in putting together and leave with satisfaction to see herself more beautiful finished haircut.
The style is the key. The guests tettsző him to design a unique, personalized style.
Hairdressers sense of style, talent and guests "will," so you can set up the desired results.fodrász,korona fodrászat,hajvágás,hajfestés,szőkítés,férfi fodrász,női fodrász,bulis haj,frizura

I am looking forward to my hairdresser love you!


Write.: 6400
city: Kiskunhalas
street: Semmelweis tér 9


phone: +36 30 659 3731
website: http://iwebcard.com/tapodi-ild...

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