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<p> The fee is £ 130 / year. <br>? Prices of all-time currency exchange rates will change in the medium. </ strong> </ p> _x000D_          <p> IMPORTANT! The cards will appear after offsetting the ordered period </ strong> </ p> _x000D_          <p> NAME: </ strong> company name, or the name card holder's name </ p> _x000D_          <p> DESCRIPTION </ strong>: couple-word description of the activities (. fordászat eg, a car, etc.) </ p> _x000D_          <p> cards: </ strong> You can be the edited, cropped graphic cards. My computer, max. 512Kb. Jpg format. business cards online editor </ p> _x000D_          <p> Please only trimmed, upload Series 9:5 aspect ratio (90 mm ​​x 50 mm) cards </ p> _x000D_          <p> entire period: </ strong> Select the period of the appearance of the name card. (12 months) </ p> _x000D_          <p> billing address. </ strong> Customer Name, location, etc. </ p> _x000D_          <hr> _x000D_          <p> enlisted after receipt of the amount of the ordered phase of the account within 72 hours. </ strong> </ p>