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We face an enormous amount of advertisements day after day in the modern world, we find advertising on all possible place quasi.The capacity of the place standing for the provision and the people_nation limited, everybody tries to spotlight himself opposite the others because of this.There is need for new methods, new devices continuously on the row of this, since more is able to emphasize nobody among the competitors if he becomes something usual.And we with what we can make a contact more personal?This not somebody else, than the business card!How good he would be if the man could find the services, firms, undertakings even more easily.The earner machines, the devised catalogues mean big help in the orientation, but we felt that these do not give a solution in many cases.How good he would be if for who he looks would be a side where the man would find it simply and quickly! A business card, which shows his undertaking his form, his style,, and provides baggy information on all that, which is important for it,, that find, let us sell, provide.My aim he was, that the business card, than informational form let us make it dynamic one and interactive one.We welcome it on our side!